If Resumes Don’t Tell The Whole Story, Why Do We Keep Asking For Them???

I have no idea how text resumes have remained the foundation of the recruiting process. Any job posting you see is almost always followed with a message that reads something like, “Interested candidates should forward their resume to X”. If employers were being 100% honest, it would read “Interested candidates should forward their resume to X because the truth is, we enjoy the outdated, antiquated way of pre screening candidates and really have no interest in getting to know the real YOU.”

For many employers, hiring criteria is based on two things, tangible and intangible skills. When evaluating tangible skills, employers look at whether the candidate has the experience, training and expertise to perform successfully at the job. Intangible skills are immensurable, things that are impossible to evaluated by looking at a resume. These may include personality, communication, demeaner and confidence.

In order to truly get to know someone, why not bring the human element to the hiring process. Digital interviewing gives applicants the opportunity to tell their story, while giving recruiters and hiring managers a quick and accurate perspective of the candidate’s intangibles. Introducing digital video to your organization will eventually bring an end to unproductive, time consuming in person interviews. By the time they walk through your door, you and your management team will know what to expect. No surprises, just good hires.

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